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The institute will be closed for easter holidays We will reopen Monday 21st April.

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Felices Pascuas

Train with the best, our new program is for you!

At the present time Mausi Sebess is the only culinary academy in Latin America offering a Master Chef Program. Learn from the best while working at your present position through individualized instruction. Don’t wait any longer!

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Master Chef

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Mausi Sebess continues to be to the present day the most awarded Culinary Academy in all of Latin America. We invite you to share your passion for gastronomy with us.

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A family united by the same passion and a common vision: creating and establishing the highest level institution in all of Latin America. Today Mausi Sebess is the most awarded Latin American culinary arts institute in the world. We invite to join us and share your passion for the cuisine with us.


  Study Modules Accelerated 6 months Regular 1 year   Requirements: Must be over...

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